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Frequently Asked Questions

Pests are like to live in the corner that you don’t know. But a pest control professional knows where pests are and how to eliminate pests. On the other hand, you don’t know how to use medicine that is used to eliminate pests. If you use it in the wrong way then it can be harmful.

Well, The Modesto Pest offers you the best treatment options for all pests. Also, The Modesto Pest uses all the latest treatment accessories to eliminate pests. So we can say that you will get quality results.

It depends on the treatment method. For example, when we remove a wasp nest it will be eliminated immediately. But when we use treatment to eliminate ant, rat, cockroach, etc then it will be taken some time. However, it’s between you and your technician. The technician will work on your instructions.

Actually, Some people don’t like spray in their homes so we use baits.

It’s an advanced step to be careful of pests. If pests attack once, it is very difficult to get rid of them.

Yes, it’s absolutely safe for your family and pets. Our workers are so professional and experienced. They know how to work and they do their work very carefully.

Why pest control Modesto Matters

Using harmful pesticides can be dangerous, which is why we offer a safe alternative with our all-natural pest control service. We use plant-based essential oils and other natural products to control pest populations. Our approach also includes using beneficial organisms, biopesticides, and growth reduction strategies.

Advantages of our service:

  • Beneficial pests are not harmed
  • No water pollution from runoff
  • Safe and effective misting, fogging, broad area spraying, and local spot treatment
  • Tested and proven to work
  • Suitable for interior residential and commercial spaces